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Buy LoL Account

What is Special Account?

In this section you can purchase an already existing account in League of Legends. Choose your desired account which has to be yours and then follow all the payment steps required. All of the lol accounts are safe, and you get all the details needed to be in control of the account, also we provide life-time warranty for the account, unless your actions cause it to be banned or restricted (toxic behaviour, chat bans etc).

How does it work?

- You purchase the account
- We provide you with the username, password, secret question and a copy of the ID card of the
- You change the password and the account is now yours

If you are willing to sell your account or request a special account for your needs

Let us know

What should you do before/after purchasing the account?

You can check our other services meantime LoL Solo Boost, LoL Duo Boost, LoL Coaching
You may also the MMR of the account and other stats on OP.GG, Mobalytics
Account [EUNE]
  • Solo Q Platinum III
  • 110/134 Champions
  • 80 Skins
  • 2200 IP
$ 349.00


Yes, all the accounts are tested by us, we have all the required details for it and we give you lifetime warranty for the account
It may take up to 3 days, depending on the owner’s availability
Yes, you can change servers by purchasing it via LoL client for RP and you can change the Summoner’s name bu purchasing it by IP in the client as well.