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LoL Smurf Account

What is a LoL Smurf Account?

Smurf accounts are levelled up to level 30 for sale. You can choose Unranked or Ranked accounts.
Some of the accounts may have an unique Skin, but this is not guaranteed.
All the accounts have around 140 RP and around 20.000 IP

Is buying a Smurf Account safe?

We give you lifetime guarantee for the purchased account, since we are leveling them on our own - manually. Look no more and grab your fresh Smurf Account today!
The account is level 30, unrankend, has 140 Riot Poins and more than 19000+ Influence Points.
Total: $ 19.00
ETA: 1-3 Days


Yes, all the accounts are tested by us, we have all the required details for it and we give you 10 days guarantee.
It may take up to 1 day.
Yes, you can change servers by purchasing it via LoL client for RP and you can change the Summoner’s name bu purchasing it by IP in the client as well.