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LoL Duo Que Boost


- The Division Boost is available for players who receive 12 or more LP. If you earn less than 15 LP per win, you need to purchase Wins first to even the MMR
- You need to have a division which means that you are already after playing Placement Matches, if not, please visit our Placement Matches service

What is the difference between Solo and Duo Queue Boost?

Duo Queue Boost is a combination of Elo Boosting and coaching. You do not give the account details to us, we do not log in to your account. You play together with one of our Boosters. After the Boost is finished, the Booster can give you tips on your gameplay so you can improve even more.

Why do you need a LoL Duo Queue Boost?

- Whenever you are tired of your teammates flaming each other, intentionally feeding and destroying your experience this option is for you
- Escaping Elo Hell is the best way to experience League of Legends. Earn a division where people actually care to play with each other, where they do not AFK and leave.
- Earning end-seasons boarders and rewards

How does Elo Boost in LoL work?

Our Boosters can easily win an unbalanced game where one of the teammates starts feeding or simply goes AFK. Boosters are ranked in Diamond I - Challenger tiers.

Select Your Current League

Grand Master

Select Your Desired League and Division

Total: $ 19.00
ETA: 1-3 Days


    a) Select Server, Buy Division or Buy Wins
    b) Choose current and desired Divisions or amount of games in specific Division
    d) Pick any extra options
    e) Click on Order & Pay and fill all the required info
All the orders assigned to a booster within 6 hours after the payment is completed. Booster then has 6-12 hours to begin the process.
You do not need to give us any details besides your Summoner name.
This of course MAY happen due to randomness of the game. If this happens, the Booster obviously gets the Division back and continues with winning. If the Booster loses while Win Boost, the Booster simply wins 2 games instead of 1.