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LoL Placement Boost

What do you get when purchasing League of Legends Placement Boost?

We guarantee 7 out of 10 wins. We will obviously try to win all of the games, that is just the guaranteed amount of wins. Whenever a new League of Legends Season begins, Summoner’s Division is reset to unranked. Players have to play 10 games which determines their Division level. The more wins you get, the better Division you are placed in.

Why do you need Proplayed to do your LoL Placement Games Boost?

- Your Placement Games may be lost due to AFK, feeders or other toxic behaviour. Losing a Placement Game is way more crucial than normal Ranked Game since it may cut you up to 1-2 Divisions which is huge. Our Boosters are ranked in Diamond I - Challenger tiers and they may carry even an unbalanced match.

- You get guaranteed 7 wins with us How to buy Placement Matches?
Placement Matches are based on your last season’s Division. So if you ended up in Gold, please choose Gold from the price calculator. Then choose the amount of games, there are 10 Placement Matches needed to get a Division, but in case you have already played few games on your own, you can choose the amount of games left. Do not forget to pick your server and extras.

Why are LoL Placement Matches important?

When you get a higher win rate in your placement games, you earn a higher division to start your climbing adventure from. This kind of Elo Boost is recommended since it gives you a huge boost in your current MMR which means that you gain more LP and lose less.

What to do after buying the LoL placement matches boost?

You are free to check our other services meantime LoL Solo Boost, LoL Duo Boost, LoL Coaching
You may also compare your previous MMR and the MMR after the boost on OP.GG, Mobalytics

Select the amount of matches needed

Number of matches: 3


Select your last season's division

Grand Master
Total: $ 19.00
ETA: 1-3 Days


    a) Select Server
    b) Choose your last season's division and amount of games needed
    d) Pick any extra options
    e) Click on Order & Pay and fill all the required info
All the orders assigned to a booster within 2 hours after the payment is completed. Booster then has 6-12 hours to begin the process
Yes it is, we have done hundreds of placement boosts and all of the customers are satisfied
You can do this in your order panel