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About service
WoW Classic Rank 14 Boost


This service will provide you with the desired rank World of Warcraft Classic. Buy World of Warcraft Classic rank 14 boost right now...


- Battle.net account with active World of Warcraft subscription
- Level 60 character

Who needs a WoW Classic pvp boost?

- This is the perfect solution if you do not have time to grind rank 14

How does the WoW Classic pvp boost work?

One or few of our boosters will play on the account with VPN active. We will slowly grind the desired rank for you. Remember that it takes some times to get a high ranking in WoW classic pvp

Need something Extra?

Inspect the checkboxes below and add some extra services during the boost


From Rank 1 to Rank 7

1 2 3 4 5 6 7891011121314
Total: $ 19.00
ETA: 1-3 Days


    a) Select Pilot or Self Play
    b) Choose your current division
    c) Choose your desired division
    d) Pick any extra options
    e) Click on Order & Pay and fill all the required info
All the orders assigned to a booster within 6 hours after the payment is completed. Booster then has 6-12 hours to begin the process.
Booster will never flame in-game. He is not allowed to inspect / change skins on the account. Booster is using special software to have his IP hidden. Booster will not speak to any of your friends during the boost.
You do not leave your details, the booster does not log in on to your account. You play on your own account, while the booster plays on his own account during the boost.